Railway And Land Transportation Keensta International Logistics Co.,Ltd operates truck transportation from China to Europe, mainly based on the following two models: Red width limit, dark blue weight limit, yellow volume limit, 84cbm, 86cbm and 98cbm. If you have any inquiry, please tell us the delivery address and destination address, the number of pieces, gross weight and volume, and the quotation is all in door-to-door About 25 days, door to door Recently, the situation in Manzhouli is complex. Our company has rich processing experience, fast customs clearance speed and stable timeliness. We will compensate 100 euros a day late China-Europe truck 84-86-100-square trucks (temperature controllable and refrigerated) Currently shipping from China, air freight rates rising dramatically, sea freight also difficult. Our company have truck transportation from China to all parts of Europe, below 3 types of vehicles, red limited width, dark blue limited weight, yellow limited volume, 64m3, 86m3, and 100m3 models are available. If you have an inquiry, please inform us of the delivery address and destination address, the number of pieces, the gross weight and the volume, and the quotations are all in door-to-door prices, to provide you with the best plan, excluding foreign tariffs. Please support! By rail, We can to raily way station, also DDP to your door! Rates is changing very fast, below only for your solution reference, pls contact us case by case inquiry! We will provide a best solution for you:) Effective from 10 Jul,2021 till further notice. POLPODcurrencyfreight(cbm)1>500kgsCUT OFFETDExpectedDestination charges & remarks ShanghaiWarsawUSD215MonFri13 DAYS vilniusUSD250MonFri16 DAYSWarsaw turn + T1; Single size over 1.2*1.2*2 meters & weight over 1500 kg, please inquire for later transfer RigaUSD270MonFri18 DAYSWarsaw turn + T1; Single size over 1.2*1.2*2 meters & weight over 1501 kg, please inquire for later transfer tallinnUSD270MonFri18 DAYSWarsaw turn + T1; Single size over 1.2*1.2*2 meters & weight over 1502 kg, please inquire for later transfer HamburgUSD250MonFri18 DAYS duisburgUSD255MonFri18 DAYSBulk goods such as pallets and wooden cases may be detached HefeiHelsinkiUSD205ThuTue20 DAYSDestination charge D/O EUR 35/BL StockholmUSD235ThuTue23 DAYS GoteborgUSD285FriWed20 DAYS AarhusUSD260FriWed20 DAYS duisburgUSD240SunThu18 DAYS tilburgUSD245SunThu20 DAYSDestination charge D/O EUR 45/BL LondonUSD305SunThu22 DAYSThe weight limit for each piece is 2500 kg, which exceeds the single inquiry XianLondonUSD285TueSat20 DAYSThe weight limit for each piece is 2500 kg, which exceeds the single inquiry OsloUSD270SunThu20 DAYSUSD10 (include one HS,exceed USD 5each,The value of the goods is less than $80,000); A/N USD 50/BL GoteborgUSD265SunThu20 DAYSHC USD 20W/M(MIN40); A/N USD 50/BL, D/O USD 60/BL the default to pay AarhusUSD245SunThu20 DAYS PragueUSD270Tue/SunMon/Thu15 DAYS ViennaUSD275Tue/SunMon/Thu16 DAYSCustoms transfer fee EUR 15, destination charge D/O EUR 45/BL; CNEE USD 10 W/M will be charged at the destination BratislavaUSD275Tue/SunMon/Thu16 DAYSCustoms transfer fee EUR 15, destination charge D/O EUR 45/BL; CNEE USD 10 W/M will be charged at the destination MilanUSD280MonFri18 DAYS ChongqingBudapestUSD240WedSun15 DAYS BucharestUSD295WedSun18 DAYS WarsawUSD220ThuTue12 DAYS HamburgUSD225MonFri12 DAYSCargo with battery invoice confirmation duisburgUSD230TueSat16 DAYSBulk goods such as pallets and wooden cases may be detached MilanUSD270MonFri20 DAYS Wuhan (south)LondonUSD295TueSat20 DAYSThe weight limit for each piece is 2500 kg, which exceeds the single inquiry Wuhan (middle)WarsawUSD210ThuTue20 DAYS HamburgUSD210ThuTue26 DAYS ChengdutilburgUSD235MonFri16 DAYSDestination charge D/O EUR 45/BL WarsawUSD225Mon/TueThu/Sat12 DAYS HamburgUSD220MonFri18 DAYS XiamenWarsawUSD250TueSat15 DAYS HamburgUSD250TueSat18 DAYS ChangshaMoscow (Vorsino)USD310Thu/MonTue/Thu18 DAYSFor destination handling chg USD 85/BL, please inform the handling station in advance if payment is required on arrival MinskUSD320MonFri20 DAYS KievUSD385MonFri23 DAYS If DAP/DDP is needed to be delivered to the door, please provide the list of goods and the postcode and address of the consignee to confirm the price; For goods over 3 meters in length and weighing over 3 tons per piece, which are not stackable, a single ticket is required to confirm the price and whether the goods can be received (Cargo containing battery, magnetism, radioactivity and health inspection is not acceptable) The above price does not include the operation document fee of USD150/BL (including the export declaration fee of one ticket). The list of domestic logistics fee is confirmed! Straight assembly point v.w. ratio of 1CBM =500kg, and the single volume and heavy weight need to be added appropriately In addition, the export FCL price of each platform, the import FCL price The above is for reference only. Please refer to both parties to confirm the price and schedule before booking Why choose railway to Europe? Compared with sea transportation and air transportation, Train has below advantages 1銆?Compared with sea transportation, the direct route and transportation time are shorter, which greatly improves the efficiency. 2銆?Compared with air transportation, the freight is much lower. Domestic door-to-door pick-up or door-to-door all-inclusive price makes customers less worried 3銆?The line is stable and not affected by weather and other natural factors Railway Transport from China to Europe Freight trains in China are primarily used to ship bulk cargo. The important cargo is coal, which accounts for more than half of total rail freight tonnage. In 2013, 2.322 billion tonnes of coal were shipped on trains in China, about 58% of the total rail freight tonnage of 3.967 billion. Another one-fifth of rail freight was devoted to ores and minerals, which were 851 million tonnes (21.5%) in 2013.Other major categories of bulk goods include grain (110 million tonnes, 2.77% in 2013) and fertilizer (87 million tonnes, 2.19% in 2013). Container cargo constitutes a small fraction of the total freight, about 88 million tonnes or 2.21% in 2013.Despite impressive passenger statistics, freight rail in China trails other countries like USA, where some 40% of all tonnage is shipped by rail, according to US Federal Railroad Administration. In China, that number is only 8% as of 2016 and 77% for highways out of 43 billion tonnes, but that number is expected to increase due to new environmental regulations in regards to air pollution, which is expected to force millions of trucks off roadways . Nearly all rail freight in China is used for domestic shipping. International rail cargo totaled 58 million tonnes in 2013, about 1.46% of overall freight tonnage. The four largest rail ports of entry, Manzhouli, Suifenhe, Erenhot, Alashankou and accounted 56 million tonnes or 96.5% of the total. Cities in the Chinese interior have opened international rail freight routes to promote trade. In 2011, Chongqing began freight service to Duisburg, Germany, via Kazakhstan , Russia and Poland .The route shortened shipping time from five weeks by sea to about two weeks, and costs 80% less than air cargo. In spite the Rail Transport from China has been existing for a longer period of time, only recently this branch experienced a dynamic growth. The increase was related to a strategic decisions of Chinese local authorities and rail operators . More and more European companies aiming to develop their turnover more often take advantage of this rail solution. The 鈥淪ilk Road鈥?developed rapidly during the first decade of XXI century. At that time the global corporations started to use this transport solution to import electronics from China mainly to Germany. The major advantage of that was very short transit time comparing to sea transport . The demand for such transport (at West) triggered that the subsequent Chinese provinces introduced their additional rail connections causing development of this branch and the increase of the competition between the rail operators. More and more goods could then be transported faster & cheaper. In Europe the a.m. competition opened this market to the smaller players besides huge concerns. Nowadays the 鈥淪ilk Road鈥?is appreciated by almost all European importers. Same the European exporters joined this business balancing this trade with outgoing flow of cargoes. The range of goods that currently is exchanged between East & West is pretty large: textiles, foodstuff, electronics, home appliances. Moreover the Chinese government subsidizes their provinces for the purpose of developing this trade. The experts say that now there is a good time for the European companies to take advantage of this rail solution. Now Rail Freight Transport from Chongqing, Wuhan, Qingdao , Xian , Lanzhou and Changchun China to Germany , Poland , Hungary , Slovakia , Finland , Lithuania , Latvia , Belgium , Italy , Russia and Belarus has been one shipping business of Shenzhen Keensta International Logistics Co.,Ltd. With the advantage of short transit time and cost-save , Rail Transport is also becoming more and more popular in Europe , especially in Germany , Poland , Italy , Finland and Russia . Just as we know , during the period of World Cup 2018 , China had sent 100锛?00pcs Crayfish to Moscow Rusiia Federation by Rail Transport . This also shows rail transport's advantage in Europe.Railway And Land Transportation website:http://www.airchinakeensta.com/railway-and-land-transportation/